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Meet Garr Russell

Garr has started, scaled and sold several companies! Systems, processes, sales, marketing, leadership and forging the way are his giftings. In 2016 he entered the RV space and has quickly rose the lead the industry starting the nation's first RV rental management company with locations all around the United States.

  • ​Founder & CEO of Fireside RV Rental, the nation's largest RV Management Company
  • ​​Over 7 years' experience in the RV Rental Industry
  • ​​Managed 100's of RV's and thousands of reservations

Are You a Firestarter?

  • ​A Firestarter is someone who doesn't just bring spark, but a flame that can't be put out!
  •  I am focused!!
  • ​I am growing physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually!
  •  I give 110% in my business, marriage, family, and community!
  • ​Words like purpose, passion, and pursuit define me!
  • ​Life does not happen to me, life happens for me!

If this sounds like you and you are willing to invest time and money into leading how to launch and gow a successful RV rental business and you want a coach that can guide you through the process, you have come to the right place!


A Fireside RV Rental Franchise can be a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs or for an additional source of revenue for an existing business.  If you own one of the businesses below learn how the Fireside RV Rental franchise opportunity can be the right fit for your business. 

RV Rental Business Owners

With our OPRV method, you can easily transform your successful RV rental into a thriving full-time business. By leveraging our proven approach, you can rapidly scale your fleet and maximize your rental income. 

RV Repair Shops

RV repair shops can diversify their revenue streams by incorporating RV rentals into their business model. By utilizing their existing staff for deliveries and walkthroughs, they can seamlessly offer rental services to customers.

Property Management

Property management businesses can seamlessly transition into RV rental management by leveraging their existing expertise in managing properties. Property management businesses can effectively tap into the growing market for RV rentals, expanding their service offerings and boosting their revenue potential.

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities can boost their income by integrating RV rentals through the OPRV method, capitalizing on their existing client base. By offering on-site RV rentals, storage facilities can provide a comprehensive solution to customers' storage and rental needs.


If you are passionate about the RV rental industry but don't have the funds to start a franchise, inquire about partnering with Fireside RV Rental to launch a corporate location in your area and work your way into ownership.


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Franchisee Owner, TX

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Franchisee Owner, PA

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